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The CM operates in various sectors, offering a wide range of industrial chemicals, auxiliaries, dyes & pigments used for several applications, whether imported or locally manufactured products.


Our service does not end with the sale of our products! Our staff will assist you for the assay reagents, monitoring and maintenance of your facilities. We provide research & diagnostics, technical monitoring, analysis & as well as adequate training for the development & use of our products.

Water treatment of boiler & cooling systems, sterilizers, reverse osmosis, ... ..

Steam production requires the use of a suitable water. This is why it is strongly recommended to treat the water to prevent corrosion of condensate lines or heating surfaces, scaling or priming (entrainment of water droplets in the steam)

The cooling water through one or more cooling towers can reveal various problems such as scaling, corrosion or fouling of organic type.

During a manufacturing process with sterilizer or pasteurizers, water is in contact with both the packaging material heat treated, which can cause various problems for equipment such as scaling, corrosion, biofilm formation, ... or packaging such as the presence of deposits, stains, ... ..

The use as a preventive chemical additives makes it possible to protect water systems.

We propose a wide range of products & selected.


Boiler water treatment

Variety as needed: Dispersant, phosphate, oxygen scavengers, neutralizing amines and filming amines

Treatment of cooling water

Cooling open semi-open or closed in response to all issues related to their operations & maintenance.

Wastewater treatment

The operation of industrial sites generates water filled with minerals and organic. The wastewater treatment plants physicochemical & Organic are intended to significantly reduce this pollution.

Also, and to meet environmental standards, these facilities needs the addition of natural or chemical additives.

We propose a wide range of products to cover all your needs:

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