CONSORTIUM MAROCAINChemical products for any industry

A company can only achieve its objectives & assuring its success by enhancing its heritage. We give to this heritage the etymological meaning of the term, namely:

Our Capital

Which was on 01 January 2008 over 4.5 million U.S. $ allowing us to have a solid financial base & to have the confidence of our partners, whether our customers or suppliers.

Our equipment & logistics' capital

Consisting with 2 workshops production site with a total capacity exceeding 25 tonnes per day composed of:

  • 6 reactors with capacity 2 to 10 tonnes
  • 2 grinders mills
  • 2 dispersers

2 very well equipped laboratories for research, development, analysis & various applications adequate & appropriate storage facilities.

Our intellectual's capital

Consisting of highly & well qualified staff to whom continuous training, recycling & seminars are providing.

Our capital methodological

Initiated with the Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 V 2000 obtained in April 2004 for all our activities & renewed in late 2007. This system of management's main objective was the satisfaction of our customers & anticipation of their needs.

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