CONSORTIUM MAROCAINChemical products for any industry

The competition we face today requires us a permanent questioning & constant adaptations.

The future of our business depends on the quality of the products we shall offer & the range of services we are in a position to provide to our customers.

Quality remains a key factor to affirm our enduring reputation with our customers and conquer new markets.It is for these reasons that the general managing of CONSORTIUM MAROCAIN decided to establish a Quality Management System according to the model ISO 9001 version 2000.

The main objectives of our quality policy are:

  • Responding adequately to the demands of our customers;
  • Developing new products & new activities;
  • Improving productivity;
  • Developing a close partnership relation with our suppliers;
  • Developing the versatility among our staff.

To achieve the above objectives, our society is reviewing on a permanent basis the customer satisfaction. The entire staff of CONSORTIUM MAROCAIN must become familiar with the various principles subscribed in the documentary system and respect them.

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