CONSORTIUM MAROCAINChemical products for any industry

Founded in 1951, CONSORTIUM MAROCAIN (CM) has become over the years one of the main importers, distributors & manufacturers of chemical products, auxiliaries, dyes & pigments for the Moroccan industry, all sectors combined.The C.M. started its activities back 57 years ago, first operating as an exclusive agent of foreign chemical companies which wanted to settle in Morocco, then as a manufacturer of water based emulsions, pigments & alkyd resins in the early 90's!

Present in various sectors of activity, the CM is in a position to offer to its Moroccan customers a large & diversified range of products, whether it is on a stock basis, temporary admission (custom free) or direct import, whether it is products imported or products manufactured locally!

Many foreign international suppliers have shown their confidence by giving to CM the exclusive & sole representation of their product range for the Moroccan market. So far, C.M. represents over thirty foreign companies as their exclusive agent and/or privileged distributor.

In addition to its trading activity, C.M. manufactures a selected range of auxiliaries' products for various applications. It is now equipped with 6 reactors (capacity 2 to 10 tons), 2 shredders ball & 2 dispersing. Its daily production capacity exceeds 30 tons per day, making of CM a leading manufacturer of auxiliaries' products on the Moroccan market.

The activity of C.M. is not confined mainly to the sale of products. Through a very qualified technical staff, CM is also in a position to accompany its customers through a sustained & regular assistance.

The list of the Moroccan customers and/or suppliers who have given their trust & confidence is too long to enumerate and continues to grow year after year.

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