CONSORTIUM MAROCAINChemical products for any industry

The CONSORTIUM MAROCAIN, mean more than half a century of history, the company that started operations in 1951! It would be difficult to list all the key dates that have marked our history. Also, we do not resume as some that are the highlights of our existence.


Creation of the company specialized in trading of chemical products mainly to the textile leather.


Moroccans of the company with the entry in the share capital of a predominantly Moroccan

1990-1992 Change of direction resulting in a new direction of the Company.
1992 Start of production with the installation of a first reactor designed for emulsions

Start of production with the installation of a first reactor for the manufacture of emulsions

1993 Moving the head office to new larger premises
1996 Redevelopment of Textile laboratory with the acquisition of appropriate equipment
1999 Start the new production unit for the manufacture of alkyd resin
1999 The symbolic threshold of 50 employees is reached
2004 Obtaining ISO 9001 v 2000 with Moody
2002-2004 Increased production capacity of emulsion
Launches Water treatment activities with CIBA
2006 Installation of a fourth reactor unit emulsion
2006 Incursion into areas of the glue, cosmetics & detergent industry
2007 Doubling of production capacity resin with the installation of a second reactor
2007 Agreement with Clariant to market in Morocco in the range of products for leather tanning, re-tanning & finishing (QJ QUINN)
2007 Renewal of ISO 9001 v 2000 with the firm DNV Certification
2010 Fire that decimated the manufacture of alkyd resins

Obtaining the ISO 9001 version 2008 with the firm DNV certifcation

2011 Fire that decimated the manufacture of alkyd resins

Acquisition of land of nearly 10,000 meters on the outskirts of Casablanca in order to consolidate all its operations. Project to build a new facility that meets international standards

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